Rachel has enhanced my vocal ability in a way I could never have imagined. Parts of songs I would dread singing became a breeze thanks to Rachel's expert coaching. Even though I have been singing for years I feel like I have found my voice again!! I cannot recommend Rachel more highly if you want to get the best from your voice - she's awesome!

Della Harris - Professional Vocalist & Award Winning Country Artist

Rachel has radically helped me transform my voice after thinking me singing well was a long lost pipe dream. She's incredibly friendly and excellent at what she does, would recommend to anyone needing vocal training.

Joel Harris

This will be our daughter's 10th year singing at Rachel Pietsch studios. In the beginning Rachel was able to identify her ability and improve her skills. Over time our daughters confidence and ability to perform has increased out of this world. Rachel is able to teach technique whilst educating her students to sing safely. Rachel has been able to support and offer opportunities expanding our daughter's knowledge. The journey still continues and it's a relationship that we value and feel fortunate to have in our lives.

We highly recommend Rachel!

Peter & Tracey Walne (parents)

I have been having singing lessons for a few years now with Rachel. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Her professional approach to her sessions is a credit to her. Not only is she personable and engaging but Rachel "knows her stuff". I always come away from these sessions feeling so much more confident and in control of my voice. I am a professional singer by trade and also use my speaking voice to educate a large room of people on a daily basis. Rachel has been able to not only enhance my singing technique but also vocal (voice) technique.

I no longer tire from speaking and clearly have much more projection in my voice than I did before seeing Rachel. If you are looking for a teacher who can individualize, customize and create a session especially for your vocal needs in a welcoming space - you can't look past Rachel Pietsch.

Ali MacDonald - Professional Vocalist

Last weekend, I performed at a large, very public event and sang songs I never imagined I could sing. I believe this is a direct result of my three years of having lessons with Rachel. I came to her with many years of undisciplined singing. It may be a cliche but she has taken me on quite a journey with her professional yet personal, confident yet gentle approach to coaching and I am the better for it. She teaches with compassion, respect and a smile. She has instilled in me a self-belief and encouragement like no other. I would highly recommend her for the absolute beginner singing in the shower, right through to an advanced professional vocalist, to the young and...the not so young.

Phil Pitt - Tribute Artist

Having trained my whole life with various vocal coaches and institutions, my voice has never before responded or improved in the way that it has with Rachel. I have truly opened my eyes to my potential having actually "found my voice". Rachel actually listens to your voice in very fine detail and uses very specific techniques to unlock areas in which I never thought possible, providing tools to make it easy to get there. I am now finding work professionally in the industry and loving what I do! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND RACHEL for all levels of singers. I wish I had met Rachel 25 years ago! Thanks Rachel!

Mitchell Groves - Theatre Performer

After 3 years of vocal training at a Melbourne Institute, and 6 individual singing teachers, I am finally content with Rachel Pietsch. With Rachel I have gained a solid understanding of good vocal technique. My vocal range, endurance and overall quality have improved considerably. Instead of practising generic exercises for ‘proper singing’, Rachel focuses on my particular needs for my individual voice. I’ve been taking these lessons for 18 months and look forward to the future with Rachel.

Mike Soltys - Songwriter

My name is Laurie and I have been taking singing lessons with Rachel for the past four years. My voice strength has changed so dramatically over the past few years that I almost can't recognise how I once sounded, I am so much better now! I have really enjoyed and benefitted from our weekly sessions and greatly look forward to each week. Thank you so much Rachel!

Laurie Bell

Spending time with Rachel is firstly a pleasure, but I know that I can trust my voice with her. I'm confident that she knows what she is talking about and when I've sung with Rachel, received great advice, careful guidance and encouragement.

Melanie de Sousa - Director Love to Sing Studios (Geelong)

My daughter has been doing lessons at Rachel Pietsch Studios for 5 years now. After seeing how much fun she was having and how inspired she was, I decided to take lessons myself! Rachel is an amazing mentor and so supportive. You always leave lessons feeling positive and happy. I can not recommend her more highly and would definitely encourage anyone to come and join the Rachel Pietsch Studios "family".

Justine Wratten

I have really enjoyed learning to sing at Rachel's Studio! My teacher is super amazing, kind, and always super helpful in talking through ways to improve my voice, always there for a laugh and is always open to any questions I have.

I have also been in a small vocal group with Rachel and she is brilliant and always there to help improve my voice and skills.

I really recommend this studio, you definitely won't find a studio more kind and welcoming!!

Chantel Koetsier

I first worked with Rachel in my late teens before starting university and have since returned 5 years later. Rachel is the only singing teacher I've experienced that actually listens to my voice and diagnoses what it needs with real results. After my first lesson back, I immediately felt my voice respond with confidence to her training. I can't thank Rachel enough and thoroughly enjoy working with her every week!

Elise Heuston

This year will be my 5th year singing with Rachel. Having severe anxiety has been a massive struggle especially with performing, Rachel has been a huge help with keeping me calm and getting me to stop stressing. She is also very patient with me on my off days. I don't know if I could find a better teacher!!! She's an absolute gem with the most loving and caring personality, and I'm extremely grateful to have sung with her for the past 4 years! I highly recommend getting singing lessons with Rachel!

Tayah Weeks

What I most admire about the method of teaching here is the emphasis on students' musical preference as opposed to a dispassionate optimization in one single genre. Personally, I have been able to explore my voice’s potential in everything from Classic Rock to Crooners within a relaxed and professional environment. Students are given the resources to facilitate their progression throughout the week but should their personal life pose some problem, whether it be involving school, work, relationships etc. then there’s no judgement in the classroom, you are free to progress at your own pace.

Steven Topalovic

She's (Rachel) super bubbly and makes learning fun. I have learnt so much this year because of Rachel!


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